Parminder Biant - Arkansas, Prayer Meeting: 7th February 2018.

00:00 - The true definition of forgiveness and being forgiven.
01:30 - Waggoner and Jones faced opposition over the issue of forgiveness and the 3rd angel's message.
09:00 - Exegetical examination of IICor. 4:16, 5:15-17 and ICor. 15:46 in respect of the 3rd angel's messgage and forgiveness.
17:00 - Exegetical examination of IICor. 5:15-17 (the resurrection of the body) and Rom. 6 (the resurrection of the inner man).
20:00 - Paul says (v16) we don't know Christ after the flesh subsequent to His resurrection.
22:00 - From our baptism our inner man, the 'old' man (our mind, conscience, will lower passions) are completely new creatures. Most on this message and the church as a whole do not believe this.
27:30 - Gal. 6:11-15 compared to the claims of some people in this movement.
30:00 - Everything was made new at 911 but some in this movement say the sin problem was not sorted out at 911 so are still offering circumcision now to cut away your sin.
31:30 - The definition of evolution.
33:30 - To believe, like increasing numbers in our movement do, that the arrival of the 2nd angel's message in our time is the perfect fulfillment of the arrival of the 2nd angel's message in 1844, is evolution.
36:00 - Your feelings play a deceptive part in your evolution toward a better state. The different types of evolution.
41:00 - The "concision" in our movement claim at midnight we become new creatures.
41:30 - Summary and personal application to your own experience.