Parminder Biant - Guadeloupe, November 2017.

1. The work of the 3rd Angel (Part 1).
04:00 - Basic Millertite timeline.
13:00 - What does "arrival" and "empowerment" mean?
15:00 - 3rd angel selects and seals/binds and Matt. 13.
31:00 - Stages of growth of the barley
38:00 - The servants and the rain.
46:00 - Matt. 25, the tares and fanatics (1st day of the 1st month).
50:30 - 3rd angel's work to select (by the servants) and bind (by the reapers).
1:05   - Placing the harvest/CoP at the 3rd stage of growth.

2. The work of the 3rd Angel (Part 2).
01:20 - Matt. 13:28, word study on "gather".
08:00 - Preparation, ploughing before the sowing.
13:00 - Problems of placing the work of the 3rd angel (select then seal/bind) on a line.
27:00 - Oct. 22nd 1844 is 3A (select/investigate) for the dead from Adam, not the Millerites.
32:00 - 3E for the Millerites cannot be placed in our line.
36:00 - Dan. 12:1 is 3E for the 144,000 and when they are sealed.
43:00 - Placing the line of Matt 4:28 onto the line of the 144000.
45:00 - Problem of the rain ending on the 30th day of the 1st month in Joel 2:23 but on the 16th day of the 1st month in Christ's time.
55:30 - The latter rain is for the 144000 and the loud cry for the world at the Sunday Law.
1:00   - Dan 12:1-2nd Advent is the binding off of the 144000.
1:06   - Placing the binding off for the Millerites 1844-1863 utilising the 2520.
1:11   - Arrival of the 3rd angel for the Millerites was Aug. 1844.
1:14   - Summary: 3A on Oct 22, 1844 was not 3A for the Millerites and Matt. 13 on a line. 3A for the Millerites was Aug. 1844 and 3A is not the close of probation. 3E is the close of probation for the Millerites and was on Oct. 22nd which therefore began the binding off of the Millerites. Next presenation is applying all this to our timeline.

3. The work of the 3rd Angel (Part 3).
01:30 - Summary of previous presentation. The meaning and placement of 3A and 3E.
05:00 - Matt. 13:24-30 summary of last presentation. NB: the difference and similarities of the wheat and the barley harvests.
06:30 - The work of the servants and the reapers is the work of the 3rd angel. These truths have caused a shaking and led to erroneous interpretations. Purpose of parable teaching.
18:00 - 2 groups in Matt. 25 but the wheat, tares and servants are 3 groups. Comparison with the disciples and Christ; Jeremiah and the precious and the vile.
23:30 - The householder is Jesus but also God's people who fall asleep at 911 and April 19th 1844 and the tares come in.
29:00 - Adversely Matt 13:47-48 says the net gathers in the good and the bad.
31:00 - Human beings can identify the wheat from the tares from the 2nd stage of growth. The 3rd angel here is symbolic (God's people) not a literal angel.
34:00 - The 3 groups are also 2 groups because the one who gives the cry (e.g. Samuel Snow, Jeremiah, Christ) are part of the wheat.
38:00 - Brief summary so far; 3A and the latter rain are before close of probation. The work of the 3rd angel is two stage, investigation and execution. The servants that investigate are God's people, as are the reapers.
40:30 - Justification a point, sanctification (2nd angel) a period. Is. 28:17.
46:00 - The priests are illustrated by the servants and reapers (the 3rd angel, our work) but also the wheat (the 2nd angel, our experience, sanctification).
48:00 - Erroneous argument that no human being can judge others.
50:30 - Identifying ourselves as Melchizedek and how Christ was accused of blasphemy. Christ was the 2nd and 3rd angel running concurrently.
55:00 - 2nd and 3rd angels represent the experience and the work. Ezek. 2-3, the experience is eating the scroll, the concurrent work is to go to a rebellious house.
57:30 - Christ accused of blasphemy represented by the work not the experience - the work of judgement of the 3rd angel.

4. The Prophetic Events of the End.
00:00 - Teaching style and material for this message. Logistics and itinerary for the prophecy school.
10:00 - 17MR page 1. Dangers of isolation, self-teaching and forgetting previously established waymarks. Despite the many teachings there is only one truth, one message in Adventism today.
24:00 - The world is ready, it's us that are not ready.
36:00 - Is. 46:10, proof texting and Miller's 5th rule that Scripture must be its own expositor.
40:00 - Repeat and enlarge within a single verse. Chiastic structures explained.
47:00 - The end from the beginning.
49:00 - 3/4 of the Old Testament deals with the histroy of the Babylonian captivity.
53:00 - The New Testament is approx. 1/3 of the Bible and deals with the history of Jesus and the new testament church. These 2 themes will be repeated at the end.
1:02   - Conclusion and summary. There will be one, single, special message to God's people at the end you will know to be the voice of God as you have heard it speak through the Old and New Testaments, not conspiracy theories.

5. The End from the Beginning.
00:00 - 17MR page 1. Prophecy is symbolic and should be placed on a line.
02:30 - Prophecy consists of symbolic events. Dan. 2 as an example of this.
12:00 - The story of David and Goliath illustrative of Dan. 2. The stone's target illustrates mirroring.
13:30 - Babylon at the beginning and the end (Rev. 17:5).
15:45 - Rev. 17:1-3, Kings, waters and beast represent govts. using Miller's 5th rule.
21:00 - Rev. 17:15, waters are people (being directed by their kings/rulers).
22:00 - Rev 17:3, wilderness represents a period of time (1260), not geographical area.
24:30 - Proof texting "not yet" of Is. 46:10, Rev. 17:8, 10-12 and Dan. 11:40.
32:00 - Biblical faith re: Heb. 11 and an illustration of seeing the end from the beginning.
38:00 - Rev. 17 and the identification of the actors.
49:00 - Connecting Is. 46:10, Rev. 17 and Dan. 11:40 through the thought, "not yet".
50:00 - The USA in prophecy especially typified by Media Persia, Dan. 8:3, Rev. 13:11.
1:00   - Europe was Babylon during the 1260, Rev. 12:16.
1:03   - France in prophecy, Rev. 11:8. Also a 2 horned power.
1:06   - The time of the end is both 1798 but also the period of the UN (Rev 17).

6. Literal and Symbolic Events.
00:00 - Summary of previous presentation.
02:00 - One World Govt. at the end (Rev. 17:12) shown by the one world govt. at the beginning (Gen. 11:1).
07:30 - Cyrus delivers a deadly wound to Babylon and restores God's people to the glorious land typifies the time of the end.
09:30 - The role of France in Rev. 11:13 paralleling Cyrus (Media Persia) and America.
13:30 - Potential problem of the time of the end being 1798 but also the period of the UN (Dan. 11:40, Ev. 613).
18:30 - EGW on the Jews mistook the time and the manner of Christ's first advent.
23:00 - They were studying the correct books but with the sole purpose of disproving their end-time prophetic message.
26:00 - EGW says they were blind (therefore paralleling Laodicea).
35:00 - EGW says we need to present Jesus as He is found in types, shadows, symbols and figures - which are parables.
42:00 - Adventists were raised up to understand and share the signs of Christ's coming but we are reading the correct books but solely to disprove the message which identifies them. So our best effort is to say there is lots of wars and earthquakes so it must be the end.
47:00 - EGW saying preachers will raise up against the message and although they adopt the truth they place it in the future.
51:00 - As we see this today we know the outcome will be Babylon comes to destroy the church as in Jermeiah's day, but a remnant who were poor escaped the captivity.

7. A Glorious Garment, a New Experience.
02:30 - Rev. 2:1-4; 6:1-2. Exegetical examination of Laodicea (Rev 3:14-18). Our correct response to the text is to become a different church, not Laodicea.
12:00 - Nakedness a symbol of fallen Adam before he is forgiven. Analysis of Adam's nakedness and garments upon a line.
17:30 - God's glory hidden within Christ, and within Adam after he is forgiven, like Gideon's army's vessels (Matt. 21:43-44).
26:00 - Glory of God is hidden in us when we receive His garment. When the vessel is broken and the glory shines forth it is no longer hidden and can be seen by everyone. We are broken before, not at, the 2nd advent.
28:30 - Both Rome and Babylon did "grind [the Jews] to powder." because they were not broken, so at the end Babylon will do the same to God's people.
31:30 - If the church will not show her glory their kingdom will be given to someone else.
33:00 - Dan. 11:45, others can see the glory shining forth from glorious holy mountain before Dan. 12:1 - at the Sunday Law.
42:30 - We need to come out of the Laodicean condition and into the experience of Ephesus. Definition of prophetic events internal and external to the church, re: the churches and the seals.
45:00 - Rev. 2:20-22 Jezebel and Thyatira in the 1260, and Rev. 11:3, 6-7 where France kills Elijah, is an example of Old Testament stories applied to end time prophecy.
52:00 - The churches illustrate how the church interact with the world. The seals teach how the world interact with the church. The 1st four churches line up chronologically with the 1st four seals.
55:00 - Rev. 6:2 illustrates the glory already extant in Ephesus. The erroneous doctrine that can result from thinking Laodicea is the last church.
58:00 - In the history of Laodicea there will be an Ephesus within that church. One church accomodating two different experiences - nakedness being one and a hiding followed by glory being the other.
1:01   - Matt. 15:1-14; 23:16a, 17a, 19a, 24a, 26. The leaders were the blind leading the blind or Laodicean, and Christ was calling them into the experience of Ephesus.
1:09   - Rom. 6:1-7, no sin after baptism. You are baptised into a church, not a philosophy or doctrine. John the Baptist was baptising people into Ephesus during the history of the church of Laodicea.
1:18   - Acts 7:37-38 and summary of the ministry of John the Baptist and its parallel today. The Gentiles come into the church of Ephesus so the loud cry cannot happen until we have the experience of Ephesus. Then Babylon comes to try to destroy us.

8. Mystery Babylon.
00:00 - Summary of material covered so far.
10:00 - Overview of Thyatira to Laodicea (including Rev. 17).
28:30 - The parallel of the end-time three fold union with Ahab, Jezebel.
47:30 - Introduction to Russia in eschatology and the role of Islam.
55:30 - Summary of above and appeal to be ready.

9. Daniel 11:40.
00:00 - Exegesis of Dan. 11:40 comparing Uriah Smith's interpretation and the identification of "him" in relation to the previous verses (especially v36-39).
19:00 - Overview of Dan. 8:9.
22:30 - History of the four way break up of the Greek empire resulting in the king of the north and the king of the south. Subsequent transition to pagan Rome.
33:30 - Papal Rome becomes the king of the north. Transition from pagan to papal Rome in Rev. 12 and 13.
42:30 - Smith's logic in changing "the" king of Dan. 11:36, to "a" (new) king and thereby assigning it to "him", which he claimed was Napoleon of France.
49:30 - Overview of Dan. 11:40, especially identifying "him" as the king of the north.
56:30 - Timeline of B.C.31 to 1798. When and how France becomes the king of the south.

10. New Manifestation of Satanic Power.
00:00 - Summary of previous episode.
04:00 - Smith's book "Daniel and the Revelation" and its essential and correct doctrines of the daily, Islam (Rev. 9) and Dan. 11:1-35.
13:00 - The role of France in prophecy (Rev. 11). The word "finished" in v7 should correctly understood to be "finishing" (GC 268.3).
20:00 - The bottomless pit represents a new manifestation.
26:30 - Uriah Smith's correct understandings listed above all pertain to literal interpretation. A major issue today is literal or symbolic. France was the symbolic king of the south in 1798.
33:00 - Rev. 13:3, France and the deadly wound. The heads of Rev. 17.
37:30 - France and the USA are parallel symbols.
42:30 - The papacy ascends out of the bottomless pit (resurrected, new manifestation) because it was previously aided by the Europe but will soon be aided by the USA.
49:30 - Pagan, Papal and modern Rome all take down 3 territories before it can reign the world supremely.
59:00 - Now the 3 territories are Russia, USA and the world.
1:05   - Summary.

11. The Kingdom of Glory.

12. Daniel 11:40.

13. The King of the North Against the King of the South.

14. The Transgression of Desolation.

15. The Wedding Garment.

16. The End From the Beginning.

17. Two Desolating Powers.

18. A Perfect Punishment.

19. The Punishment of the 7 Times.

20. The Great Prophetic Waymarks.

21. Repairer of the Breach.

22. The Rest.

23. The Tables are Full of Vomit.

24. Come Out of Her My People.

25. The 1260 and the 126.

26. The Four Abominations.

27. The Rain in Due Season.

28. Q and A.

29. The First Fruits.

30. The Harvest.