September-October 2018 - Arkansas School of the Prophets.

Tess Lambert. Email:

1. Fatima.
02:30 - Rev. 12:7-9. CT 322.2. We are given the armour of God to fight this battle.
08:00 - Papal infallibility a counterfeit of "prophets don't make mistakes".
09:00 - "The Angry Pope". After the fall of the USSR Pope John Paul II was unhappy as Russia adopted western democracy rather than Romanism.
11:30 - Bush distances US policy from the Pope's agenda, which was to convert Poland, Russia and the world.
15:00 - Pope John Paul II raises up Cardinal Ratzinger (formerly Pope Benedict XVI) to succeed him so the St. Gallen Group secretly began work to oppose him in 1996.
17:00 - St. Gallen Group tried to raise up their own liberal candidate to succeed the pope, Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio (now Pope Francis I).
18:30 - The anticorruption policy of Archbishop Vigano once he becomes head of Vatican Bank and the pope's response.
26:30 - Conclusion regarding papal infallibility.
31:00 - GC 306.1, the dark day of 1773 and the abolition of the Jesuit Order in the same year.
38:00 - The scattering of the papacy from 1798.
40:00 - The 3 step prophetic, testing message for the Catholic Church was in 1916.
41:00 - Papal leadership is passed by and Fatima brings 3 messages to 3 shepherd children in Portugal.
51:00 - Mary visits the 3 children in Fatima on 13th May 1917 to give them an increase of knowledge, promising 6 more visits and a sign for the people.
56:00 - On 13th June the Feast of St. Anthony (the saint of preaching and teaching and of lost things), Mary visits the 3 children again to give them their commission. At the formalisation of the message Miller received his credentials to preach and teach so he could teach the Millerites to find the lost jewels.
59:30 - On 13th July at midday Mary visits for the 3rd time to deliver the 3 secrets, paralleling 911. Mary asks for Russia to be consecrated to her.
1:06   - 13th May 1981 Pope John Paul II attempted assassination convinced him to take down the USSR.
1:08   - 13th August 1917 parallels the work of the enemies when the mayor of Fatima arrests them in order to recant.
1:11   - Mary asks for a chapel to be built at Fatima paralleling the work of organisation at 2014.
1:12   - 13th September Mary gives a prediction for 13th October, paralleling the MC. The numbers swelled from 30k to 70k but there appeared to be a delay so some people mocked them, but Jesus and Mary did then appear paralleling the CoP.
1:19   - 1929 Jesus and Mary appear to the last surviving child (now adult) ordering all the bishops of the world to consecrate Russia to Mary, but the pope rejects the message.

2. Acts 27.
00:00 - REVISION OF PREVIOUS PRESENTATION. Counterfeits, papal infallibility, St. Gallen Group, Vatileaks 2012.
04:30 - Synod of Bishops in 2014 saw the beginning of a civil war inside the Catholic Church.
07:00 - Review of the counterfeit 3 step, prophetic testing message in the Catholic Church, and it's purpose to dedicate Russia.
09:30 - End of review.
09:30 - Lucia's visions of Mary from 1929 warning of the results of the Popes' continual refusal to dedicate Russia to her properly, and the papal responses up until 1964.
13:30 - 1979 Pope John Paul II (JPII) visits the White House. On the 64th anniversary of Fatima in 1981 JPII attempted assassination which he views as the fulfillment of Fatima's 3rd secret.
18:30 - May 13th 1982 JPII's failed attempt to dedicate Russia.
20:00 - March 25th 1984 JPII sucessfully dedicates Russia.
21:00 - List of Soviet affairs from May 13th 1984 to July 29, 1989 when Lucia says finally Mary has accepted JPII's dedication of Russia in 1984.
26:30 - Lucia is a counterfeit of EGW. It would seem seem that like us in this movement; Satan, Lucia and the Catholic Church believed Russia had been taken care of prophetically and was no longer a prophetic actor. Therefore when Russia returned to the world stage the Catholic Church again has a real reason to try to take it down again, hence we will see Raphia and Panium.
30:30 - The counterfeit 2520 is the 2nd Battle of Carcamesh, 605BC + 2520 = 1917. Babylon and Media-Persia conquered the land up to the river of Egypt but not Egypt itself, paralleling 1989 and the papacy and USA taking the Soviet satellite states but not Russia itself.
34:30 - Chiasm of the scattering and gathering of the papacy and their attack on the KoS at Operation Barbarossa in 1941.
38:00 - ACTS 27.
38:00 - Review of last year's class on the line of Acts 27, especially the meanings of the place names.
41:30 - v14 is 911 as Euroclydon means "east wind". The ship is the movement.
42:30 - Acts 27:27 is a doubling and "midnight" is mentioned as is the "fourteenth night" = MC. The shipwreck = SL.
44:00 - Paul = priests, Aristarchus = Christ and Luke = the Holy Spirit. The others on the ship = levites, the island they are shipwrecked on = priests, levites and nethinim. Publius (28:7-8) means "public".
46:30 - v37 276 souls were in the ship, therefore 273 were levites. Num. 3 shows a shortage of 273 levites.
52:30 - End of revision of last years classes on Acts 27.
53:00 - STUDY OF 273BC.
53:30 - "Great Empires of Bible Prophecy", A. T. Jones (1898) p.220.1 and "Navies of Rome", Michael Pitassion on 273BC being the 1st diplomatic relations between Rome and Egypt as a result of Rome defeating Pyrrhus in the Pyrrhic War.
55:00 - Head of the Roman delegation is Fabius Maximus Gurges meaning "the maximum flood".
59:30 - A history of the Pyrrhic War (c.280-275BC).
1:04   - The defeat of Pyrrhus 275BC at the Battle of Beneventum = MC. Full diplomatic relations at 272BC = SL.
1:07   - Pyrrhus was a relative of Alexander the Great and born 4 years after his death. He also became a great general much like Alexander.
1:08   - Dan. 8:5-8 skips 22 years of history (known as the Diadochi Wars) between the death of Alexander (323BC) and the reign of his 4 generals from the Battle of Ipsus (301BC).
1:12   - The history of the 3rd and 4th Diadochi wars, where Alexander's 4 generals war against Antigonus and Demetrius.
1:15   - The history of the 4th Diadochi war beginning 307BC drawn on a line.
1:17   - 17 year old Pyrrhus allies with Demetrius in 303BC and becomes his general. Detailing the end of the 4th Diadoci war in 301BC at the Battle of Ipsus.
1:20   - Alexander's generals defeat Antigonus (81 years old), Demetrius and Pyrrhus primarily by their use of elephants.
1:22   - Review of this presentation.

3. Pyrrhus.
00:00 - Revision of previous presentation.
03:00 - Evidence for 2004 being the year the US and the papacy should have realised Russia is still a problem is the Beslan School Seige, but they didn't, and we didn't, hence Satan didn't, allowing for Russia to return at Raphia.
07:00 - Absolute zero is 273 degrees celsius. 273 is also relevant to the human gestation period and the moon cycles.
09:30 - Review of Pyrrhus and the Pyrrhic war.
12:30 - 4 years after the death of Alexander Pyrrhus is born. 4 Diadochi wars give us 4 successors to Alexander who rule for 4 years.
13:00 - Background history on the 3rd Diadochi war.
18:00 - Demetrius and Antigonus are separated during battle and Seleucus drives his elephants between them preventing Demetrius from assisting his father in battle and Antigonus is killed in battle.
18:30 - Cassander dies 4 years later in 297BC.
19:00 - History of the power struggle over Macedonia post Cassander, leading to the allies Pyrrhus ruling Epirus and Demetrius king over Macedonia with aspirations for further hegemony into other nation-states (e.g. Thebes). The alliance becomes strained.
23:00 - Map of Italy, Epirus and Macedonia, and the Greek nation-states.
24:00 - Pyrrhus for the 1st time openly maneuvers contrary to Demetrius while he was besieging Thebes in 291BC.
26:00 - Demetrius takes Thebes and Epirus in 289-288BC. Pyrrhus was absent from Epirus while it was ravaged, defeating one of Demetrius' generals in one-on-one combat. Subsequently Demetrius defeats Pyrrhus in battle resulting in a short peace treaty while Demetrius builds an immense army.
31:00 - Seeing a threat in Demetrius' military build up, Lysimachus and Pyrrhus attack and defeat Demetrius in 287BC when his army desert him.
35:00 - After Demetrius flees and is captured by Seleucus and that area of Macedonia is divided into east under Pyrrhus and west under Lysimachus.
37:00 - Tension develops between Pyrrhus and Lysimachus which is essentially a Cold War, where Lysimachus wins the territories up to the border of Epirus by 285BC through sanctions and subterfuge.
41:30 - This is the end of Pyrrhus in Macedonia.
42:00 - 285BC war begins in Italy. History of Italy's domestic affairs beginning 334BC between Thurii, Tarentum and Rome.
51:30 - 282BC we move from the history of Macedonia to the history of Italy. In the power struggle between Tarentum and Rome, Rome begins to gain power as Thurii allies with Rome (285BC) and Tarentum invades Thurii.
54:00 - Rome declares war on Tarentum. Tarentum appeals to Epirus for an alliance. Pyrrhus arrives in Tarentum and fortifies it in 280BC.
56:30 - Epirus defeats Rome at the Battle of Heraclea, autumn 280BC. Victory was due to his use of elephants for the first time against Rome.
1:01   - The Battle of Asculum 279BC. Pyrrhus wins again against Rome by the use of elephants. Much larger battle fought over 2 days. Rome built 300 anti-elephant carts.
1:06   - Pyrrhus' hegemonic plans beginning in Sicily. Pyrrhus becomes a dictator and desecrates and loots a temple subsequently losing it all in a shipwreck.
1:12   - Sicily and Carthage unite against Pyrrhus. Rome defeats Pyrrhus at the Battle of Beneventum 275BC because Pyrrhus' elephants turn and charge his own army.
1:16   - Pyrrhus returns to Epirus and Rome is launched onto the world stage. Study on the place, name and history of "Beneventum" which parallels Panium.
1:21   - 272BC Rome and Egypt entertain each others ambassadors, Rome's headed by Fabius Maximus Gurges meaning "the maximum flood". In 272BC Tarentum falls to Rome and Pyrrhus is killed in Argos (meaning "white harvest") by the Spartans at age 46.
1:25   - Summary.

4. Pyrrhus = Putin.
01:30 - The Pyrrhic war was a civil war between the KoN and the KoS of Italy, and Pyrrhus was the KoS. "Pyrrhus" means fire-red.
02:30 - Summary of the Diadochi Wars and Pyrrhus.
16:30 - End of summary.
17:00 - Tarentum, Epirus and Pyrrhus = KoS. "Pyrrhus" means red which is the colour of Communism.
19:00 - The 1st king of Epirus was Admetus (c.500BC). Pyrrhus was the 10th king.
19:30 - Neoptolemus II co-ruled with Pyrrhus. Pyrrhus has Neoptolemus killed and then rules on his own until his death. He is succeeded by 7 kings and then the Epirote League (a league of nations).
21:30 - Pyrrhus = Putin. Putin is the 10th from Stalin. Brief political history of Putin paralleling Pyrrhus.
25:30 - History of the kings preceeding Pyrrhus.
29:30 - History of the presidents preceeding Putin paralleling the kings preceeding Pyrrhus.
33:00 - Putin also represents Stalin as the end is shown from the beginning. List of parallels between Putin and Stalin.
44:30 - Brief history of the Soviet Union.
45:30 - 3rd Diadochi War parallels WWII. The dictators Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler in 1929 parallel 317BC. The Spanish Civil War (10 yr. proxy war) ending 1st April 1939 = 317BC-307BC.
59:00 - The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of 23rd August 1939 = 303BC alliance between Demetrius and Pyrrhus.
1:11   - 1st Sept 1939 Germany invades Poland who has 2 allies which parallels the Battle of Ipsus 301BC.
1:13   - August 1940 Stalin suspends all exports to Germany = 291BC
1:19   - 22nd June 1941 Hitler invades the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa = 289-288BC when Demetrius ravages Epirus.
1:19   - Hitler defeated in 1945 = Demetrius defeated in 287BC. Germany divided into east and west = area of Macedonia divided into east under Pyrrhus and west under Lysimachus.

5. World War 3.
00:00 - Revision of the line of Pyrrhus especially compared to Putin.
12:00 - Revision of the Soviet line, adding that Czar Nicholas II = Gorbachev.
15:00 - Revision of the WWII line paralleld with Pyrrhus' line.
21:00 - The 4 generations of the German govt; Bismark (1871-1890), Wilhelmine Era (1890-1918), Weimar Republic (1919-1933), Nazi Party (1933-1945).
25:00 - Revision of WWII continues.
26:30 - End of revision. Tess completes the line of WWII. Political events of 1945.
30:30 - The change of scene in 1989 and the parallels of 285BC with the KoN (Rome) and KoS (Tarentum).
32:00 - Churchill's offer to Stalin, October 1944 and the subsequent Yalta Conference the following year.
38:30 - Ukraine in 2014 = Thurri in 282BC. Thurri was split between uniting with Rome for financial benefit or Tarentum their traditional ally. Ukraine was split between their traditional Russian identity or an alliance with the west for financial benefit. Tarentum (KoS) invades Thurri like Russia invades Ukraine in 2014.
47:30 - Pyrrhus takes control of and fortifies Tarentum (the south) in 280BC = 2016. In 2011 Putin saw the Arab Spring and Gadaffi killed, and the Snow Revolution inside Russia, so he set up his own personal army to protect him inside Russia and prepared for war with the west.
55:00 - Tess skips over the battles of Heraclea (280BC) and Askulum (279BC) to parallel Pyrrhus losing the Battle of Beneventum in 275BC with Russia losing at Panium.
56:00 - The alliance between Egypt and Rome in 273BC = the U.N. and the papacy after Panium.
56:30 - Sunday Law is paralleled with 272BC when Tarentum (=KoS) falls to Rome and Pyrrhus is killed (=Russia defeated).
57:00 - Raphia paralleled with the Battle of Asculum in 279BC, after which Pyrrhus/Putin desecrates a temple. Battle of Heraclea = our LC.
59:00 - As Putin = Stalin then we can cut the line at 1989 and overlay it, and therefore we can cut Pyrrhus' line at 285BC and overlay it too, but with some differences.
1:05   - Showing the parallels of these 4 lines by drawing our line under the 1st 3.
1:06   - 303BC and 282BC = collusion and Ukraine in 2014.
1:07   - Battle of Ipsus (3 allies) and the invasion of Poland (and her 3 allies) by Hitler (backed by Russia) = 2016 when Trump (backed by Putin) takes on the legislative, judicial and executive branches of US govt.
1:08   - Hostilites between the KoN and KoS at the Battle of Heraclea (280BC) and 291BC when Pyrrhus invades Thessaly, and Russia suspends trade August 1940 = our LC.
1:09   - The Battle of Asculum 279BC and Operation Barbarossa 1941 = Raphia. All battles from Ispsus (2014) to the Battle of Beneventum 275BC (Panium) are won with elephants which represent information warfare. To understand Raphia we need to look at 2016.

6. Information Warfare.
00:00 - Summary of the study so far.
05:30 - Eugenio Pacelli (Pope Pius XII) is the counterfeit of William Miller. Lucia is the counterfeit of EGW. The line goes all the way to 1945 (=46 years).
10:30 - 1945 is Panium but for the papacy it was their disappointment. 1945 does line up with October 22nd, 1844. We do not have a disappointment as our line is one of success.
13:30 - An alternative media outlet has completely fabricated a story of US-Saudi conspiracy against Assad of Syria, point being fake news is prevalent on the internet today.
17:00 - Introduction to pro-Russian fake news using the example of the above author and media outlet, as well as RT, Wikileaks etc.
23:00 - Rev. 12:7. The alpha of warfare (the war in heaven) was an information, propaganda, psychological, cold war. 7MR 63.2.
26:30 - Showing where information warfare appears on our line. It's symbol is elephants, the mode of warfare which decided the battles.
29:00 - Tracking the information war since 1969, and with the birth of the world wide web in 1989.
38:00 - October 1996 Moonlight Maze, when Russia first hacked American computer systems i.e. the first Russian cyber attack against America.
40:30 - October 2001; explanation of how under the Patriot Act the US govt. can access anyone's private information.
48:00 - The 1979 FISA Court begins operating.
56:00 - 2004 George Bush attempts to pass into law spying on US citizens without any warrant at all. James Comey and Robert Mueller restrained the Patriot Act.
1:00   - THE SUNDAY LAW IN 2014.
1:02   - The key to identifying the Sunday Law in 2014, which we have not been able to do to date, is to study the internal events of that year.
1:03   - A message in 2012 predicted a Sunday Law in 2014. It was hindered by the rejection of true leadership and the work of the enemies (2013).
1:05   - The work of the enemies in the external event was the work of Edward Snowdon in 2013.
1:10   - We are not under the Patriot Act now, since 2015 we are under the USA Freedom Act. Brief explanation of the USA Freedom Act.
1:16   - To look for a Sunday Law in 2014 we need to study the internal events, and a message came out of the UK in 2012 and went to America, hence the SL came out of England and did a work in 2014.
1:20   - To understand 2014 we need to look at 1989. In 1989 British aristocrat Nigel Oakes establishes the Behavioural Dynamics Working Group which eventually developed psychological warfare techniques for the Pentagon and UK Ministry of Defence. Brief overview of some of their techniques.
1:28   - In 2012 under their new name "SCL Group" they enter the US market and meet Christopher Wylie who becomes Director of Research. He becomes a whistleblower of the Facebook scandal in the 2016 US presidential elections. Also in 2012 SCL meet Steve Bannon who takes their services to America, to the Mercer family, who with SCL establish Cambridge Analytica. They use the pshycological warfare techniques on the public and in 2014 began to test the phrases on social media platforms that Trump would eventually use in his election campaign.

7. Information Warfare (Part 2).
01:30 - Example of fake news and how it spreads across the internet, in comparison to mainstream journalism where we took information on the Cold War, fall of the Berlin Wall, 911 etc. The story of the Steele dossier is given in contrast to the fake news example.
18:30 - Raphia will be an information war involving Russia, much like 2016 over the US presidential election, not a mushroom cloud or the electrical grid going down.
19:30 - We could easily miss Raphia as it happens right before our eyes unless we know what to look out for!
20:30 - We also need to be able to identify fake news and reject it or we are also deceived.
22:00 - Thoughts on "a new mode of warfare".
27:00 - Identifying the Sunday Law in 2014 by looking at the internal events.
27:30 - Internally, in 2012 a message from England enters the US and is rejected by the leaders. 2013 activities of the enemies and arrival of Ezra 7:9.
28:30 - 2014 was our midnight and Ezra 7 is publicly preached.
29:30 - By 2012 there were 2 obstacles to a SL; a Democrat president and a Democrat Senate majority (the latter being a result of the work of the enemy (Edward Snowdon)).
30:00 - To look for the beginning of the external event, look to 1989 when Nigel Oakes first established what would eventually become Cambridge Analytica. Tracking the evolution of his business enterprises up to Cambridge Analytica.
34:00 - In 2012, from England they enter the US market. 2013 Robert Mercer, Steve Bannon and Christopher Wylie join. Insights into their ideologies.
44:30 - Snowdon is also working against the govt. in 2013 at the same time as Cambridge Analytica is formed.
45:00 - Obama (leadership) rejects the SL.
49:00 - The Sunday Law in 2014 was the Facebook app which Cambridge Analytica released to steal private data from 80m of its users.
57:00 - Trump's association with Cambridge Analytica.
1:02   - Example of true and fake news comparing Cambridge Analytica's story (from Alexander Nix) with their whistleblower's (Chris Wylie).
1:09   - Summary of our line of information warfare.
1:13   - The external rejection in 2012 by the US govt. leadership, is Obama rejecting the Patriot Act because of the pressure from the Snowdon leaks.
1:14   - Explanation of the US Freedom Act 2015 in response to a question from the class.
1:16   - The work of Cambridge Analytica in 2014 was a breakdown of the US Constitution, and would not have been possible without 1989 (the internet).

8. Midway 2014.
01:30 - The Battles of Ipsus = 2016. Heraclea = LC. Asculum = Raphia (CoP). Beneventum = Panium (2nd advent), on the line of the priests. All battles were won by elephants.
03:00 - Lining up WWII with the line of Pyrrhus; Ipsus = the beginning of WWII, the invasion of Poland in 1939 = 2016. Heraclea = August 1940. Asculum = 1941 Operation Barbarossa when the KoN comes against the KoS (Germany invades Russia) = Raphia. Beneventum = 1945 end of WWII = Panium.
07:30 - Lining up Millerite timeline with ours. July 21st 1844 = 2014. August 1st (Concord) = 2016. August 12th onward, Exeter = 2018 (LC).
12:00 - USSR cut off Germany's trade in August 1940 as the USSR was concerned the war was about to end leaving her enemies strengthened. So the Stalin tried to prolong the war. Suggesting now Putin is concerned Trump will grow too strong.
14:00 - 2014.
14:00 - 2014 is a midpoint as it parallels July 21st "midway".
15:30 - 1888 is also a midpoint because 4 years earlier in 1884 was EGWs last open vision, and she endorsed correct methodology (RH Nov. 25, 1884, para. 23) (=911), then 4 years later in 1892 she said the LC had begun and the test had started and the ensign uplifted (RH Nov. 22, 1892, para. 7) (=CoP).
21:00 - 151 from 1863-2014. 1863 is the midpoint of the American Civil War (1861-1865). 1861 (=911), 2 years before 1863 was the beginning of the Civil War and the suspension of Habeas Corpus. 1865 (=CoP) end of the Civil War and assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
25:30 - 220 from 1794-2014. 1794 is the midpoint of the French Revolution also marking the change from the Reign of Terror to the White Terror. (1789-1799). 1789 (=911), 5 years before 1794 was the beginning of the US Constitution. 1799 (=CoP), 5 years after 1794 was the end of the French Revolution and the setting up of the dictatorship of Napoleon.
28:00 - 490 from 1524-2014. 1524 is the midpoint of persecution of Martin Luther. 1521 (=911) is the Diet of Worms marking church and state, a new heart, and rejection by the leadership followed by a death threat and a hiding and tarrying time (GC 145.2; 149.1; 160.3; 163.3; 164.1; 168.1,3).
40:30 - Still in 1521, Luther in hiding presents a new crisis, namely fanaticism (GC 186.2-3).
42:00 - Luther comes out of hiding (GC 188.2).
44:30 - In 1521 (=911) Suleiman I becomes Sultan and begins his attack on the west. Fear of the nations = 911. He reigned for 46 years.
46:30 - 1524 marks the German Peasant War. Working class revolution to "drain the swamp". It led to the 1st major, internal split in the leadership of the Reformation = Path of the Just etc.
50:00 - 1527 (=Raphia) marks the end of the Renaissance in Italy and the sacking of Rome by Charles V's troops. Protestants and Catholics unite to persecute Anabaptists. This led to the first Protestants emigrating to America.
56:00 - Summary on 2014. 911-Raphia = French Revolution and the American Civil War. 2014 = midway.
58:30 - History of Seleucus (KoN) 311BC-307BC on a line.
1:03   - Paralleling Seleucus' line with the inter-war line of WWI and WWII. 311BC peace treaty = 1919 peace treaty.
1:05   - 309BC is midway and = 1929 Lateran Treaty which is also midway. Both waymarks mark "the seat".
1:09   - 307BC = ToE for Diadochi Wars. 307BC is the start of the 4th Diadochi War which parallels 1939 the beginning of WWII. As they are the ToE it also = 1989 (the beginning of WWIII).
1:10   - 1929 was modern Babylon's seat for Nazi Germany, but for our line she needs a new seat in order to sit upon the beast of the USA.
1:11   - The proxy war of 1979 = 1919. 1989 marks the beginning of WWIII.
1:12   - 1984 is midway on this line and marks the papacy taking her seat when the USA and the papacy restore full diplomatic relations.
1:18   - Jeff Pippenger suggests another line beginning 1980 and marking the presidential elections every 4 years, the conclusion being that the next election of 2020 must be some kind of prophetic waymark.

9. 10 Years.
00:00 - Revision of subjects presented so far. Acts 27 leads us to the prediction before the CoP and the line of the magi shows us our experience at the prediction.
02:30 - The line of the magi to show how they doubted their experience when they arrived in Jerusalem, hence the wise virgins may doubt their experience when they look back to 2016.
06:30 - Plotting the 10 year periods between the external waymarks from 1789-2019, of Napoleon, Fatima, WWII, the Millerite line and ours.
26:30 - One of the above waymarks is 2009, Donald Trump joins Twitter. Giuliani has said if Trump is impeached the only people who will save him are his own people (civil war).
27:30 - All this points to 2019.
29:30 - 2019.
31:00 - GC chapter 11, 1529 the Diet of Spires, Protestants are given their name. 1529 + 490 = 2019.
42:00 - AA 68.1 on 1529 and the decree
45:00 - 1529 also brought the restraint of the Ottoman Empire at the Siege of Vienna.
46:30 - 1799 = end of the French Revolution and the beginning of Napoleon's dictatorship. 1799 + 220 = 2019.
49:00 - 1868 + 151 = 2019. 1st US presidential impeachment was in 1868, President Andrew Johnson. Johnson was impeached with a vote of 126, because he unlawfully fired his Secretary of War, Edwin Stanton. Bill Clinton was also impeached over a false marriage.
53:00 - Triple Application of Prophecy suggests that Trump might be impeached especially considering his firing of James Comey. 9 of 11 articles for Johnson's impeachment relate to his firing of Stanton.
54:00 - 1893 + 126 = 2019. 1893 marks the Chicago World Fair, at a time when Sunday Laws had been enacted in the U.S. Quote from A. T. Jones regarding the SL issues over the Chicago World Fair in 1893. Various quotes on Sunday/Sabbath issue.
1:23   - 1893 = the rise of populism and an economic depression. EGW also confronts the controversy over calling the church Babylon.
1:23   - Summary of today's presentation.

10. The Midnight Cry.
00:00 - Summary on the previous presentation.
04:00 - History of presidential impeachment. 151, 46 and 21 years before 2019 respectively.
09:00 - All the elements of Trump's current situation are present in the former impeachment cases, namely, firing of, and obstruction of justice over James Comey, Russian hack of the DNC, Stormy Daniels false marriage and allegations of abuse and possibly perjury.
10:00 - Summary of 1893 and the Chicago World Fair.
11:00 - End of Summary.
11:00 - 2019 CONTINUED.
11:00 - 1938 + 81 years = 2019.
11:30 - November 9th 1938 Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass) was a turning point for violent persecution of Jews by the Nazis.
13:30 - 1989 is 30 years from 2019. Midnight on 9th November, Fall of the Berlin Wall.
15:30 - 30 years (=2019). Priests began their labour from 30 years old, Num. 4:35.
16:30 - TMK 155.3, Jesus led a life of active ministry (=construction of the temple) between 12 years old (=911) and 30 (=2019).
18:30 - ST Aug. 6th, 1896.7, 10. Christ is most closely aligned with us (a year for a year) and like Him, there are no mistakes in our line.
20:00 - EGW was baptised at 12 years old, and like her, on our line 911 = baptism 12 years after our birth (1989).
21:00 - November 9th was the date for the fall of the Berlin Wall 1989, the Night of Broken Glass in 1938, and the day Napoleon became dictator.
22:00 - FINDING THE MIDPOINTS OF THE 490, 220, 126 AND 30, ENDING 2019.
22:00 - The midpoint of the 30 is 2004 when the foundations begin to be laid. The midpoint of the 126 is 1956 when Khrushchev exposed Stalin's crimes at his "secret midnight speech".
27:30 - Stalin's secret crimes were laid open to the world. Putin has secrets which are laid open at Raphia which also damage Trump as it is a Pyrrhic Victory.
29:00 - Midpoint of the 220 = 1909, EGW's last GC session when she is 81 years old. LS 423.1 and 421.1.
32:10 - Midpoint of the 490 = 1774, the First Continental Congress i.e. the beginning of the U.S. govt.
34:30 - NOVEMBER 9TH.
36:00 - French Revolution, 1789 (=911) to 1799 (=Raphia) when Napoleon comes to power. Midpoint 1794 (=2014). 1794 + 220 = 2014.
37:30 - American Civil War, 1861 (=911) to 1865 (=Raphia) when Lincoln assassinated. Midpoint 1863 (=2014). 1863 + 151 = 2014.
39:00 - "Time" magazine article on Trump's election of November 9th, 2016. Kaiser Wilhelm's abdication was November 9th, 1918.
44:00 - November 9th in German history marks revolution. Revolution ends on our line at Raphia (re: French Revolution, American Civil War).
46:30 - German Revolution after WWI. 30th October - 9th November, 1918 with the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm. Reading from Mein Kampf.
53:30 - The 1848 revolution was also November 9th. 1918 (abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm) and 1923 (Beer Hall Putsch) in Germany also mark November 9th.
59:00 - German Revolution and Civil War on a line, 1918-1919.
1:00   - Russian Revolution (1917-1918) and Civil War (1918-1922) on a line. The October Revolution ended on the 8th November 1917 with the storming of the Winter Palace.
1:03   - Lenin became a dictator on November 9th, 1917 when he issued a decree censoring the press from so-called "fake news" in Lenin's information war. Censoring the press is the first step of every dictator.
1:07   - Trump becomes dictator at Raphia by censoring the press.
1:11   - French Revolution on a line. The Reign of Terror (1789-1794) and the Thermidorian Reaction (1795-1799).
1:13   - The Reign of Terror ended and Robespierre was beheaded in 1794, on the 9th day of the 11th month (11/9) of the French Republican Calendar
1:15   - The White Terror and the Thermidorian Reaction (1795-1799).
1:18   - CONCLUSION.
1:18   - These lines show that in our time there is revolution from 911 until Raphia when the US govt. is overturned. The German, Russian and French Revolutions add a common date to Raphia, namely the 9th November.

11. The Midnight Cry (Part 2).
01:30 - REVISION OF PREVIOUS PRESENTATIONS. The 10 year cycles and the 490, 220, 151, 126 leading to 2019.
06:30 - 1989, 911 and Raphia create the following chiasm: 119---911---119. Ps. 119:11 = our experience of 1989-911.
08:00 - Revision of the French Revolution, American Civil War, German Revolution, Russian Revolution and factoring in the date November 9th.
29:00 - End of revision.
29:30 - 911 to 2019 (Raphia) = revolution/civil war. 2019 to 2020 is preparation for the counter revolution which begins 2020.
30:30 - 2020 is presently being discussed and it is a waymark, but what waymark is it?
33:00 - 1774 First Continental Congress = Raphia 2019. 1773 + 245 = 2018 and the resurrection of the papacy. 1775 beginning of American Revolution = 2020 is not Raphia, but the beginning of counter revolution.
34:30 - 1776 Declaration of Independence = 2021 (end of the counter revolution).
36:00 - The line of the priests from their SL to CoP is 2014 (SL) = Boston, 2016 = Concord, 2018 = Exeter. Raphia (CoP) = 2019.
37:00 - Paralleling the above with the line of Raphia to Panium; Raphia (2019) lines up with Boston (2014) and 2020 (beginning of the American Revolution) lines up with Concord (2016) and the American Revolution did start at Concord (and Lexington) where there were 273 British casualties (=273BC).
38:00 - The line of Panium to SL, 273BC would fall between Panium and SL.
40:00 - THE 2 YEAR CYCLE.
40:30 - The fall of the USSR was a 2 year process(1989-1991). 8 years later in 1999 Putin becomes president and 911 was 2 years later. EGW says when the south wind blows (1999) you know the east wind will blow (911).
44:00 - Another 8 years later in 2009-2011 was the Russian reset. History of the Russian reset, death of Gaddafi, Putin's aggressive stance since he decided Hillary had target him next for regime change. Obama embarrasses Trump at the White House Correspondents Dinner, and Hillary threatens Putin this year, hence Obama and Hillary pave the way for both of their rises to power.
50:30 - Chiasm of 2001-2014 (3+7+3).
51:30 - The 10 year proxy war of 1979-1989 parallels the 10 year proxy war in Syria from 2011-2021 (Panium).
53:00 - Information on Trump and released to the press is what damages Trump/the US in November 2019. It will parallel what Putin did to Hillary in Nov. 2016 at Ipsus.
53:30 - The false marriage allegation against Trump at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton, during Miss Universe was November 9th 2013. +3 years = 11/9 2016 (Ipsus), +3 years = 11/9 2019 (Raphia).
55:00 - Kaiser Wilhelm abdicates ending WWI on 11/9, and the armistice was signed on 11/11 at 11 o'clock.
55:30 - 1620 the Mayflower pilgrims first sight the glorious land on 11/9. They arrived at Cape Cod on 11/11.
59:30 - Summary.
1:01   - Revision of the 30 year line of Christ paralleling our 30 year line.

12. Fatima (Part 2).
00:00 - Some preliminary thoughts, especially on the nature of a counterfeit.
03:00 - Revision of the civil war inside the Catholic Church.
10:30 - The line of the true church; 538AD-1989, especially the scatterings and gatherings.
17:30 - The line of the false church; 1798-2013.
18:00 - 538AD for the true church = 1798 for the false church as they are a scattering for each corresponding church. 1773 they went into apostasy and abolished the Jesuit order.
19:00 - William Miller in 1798 = Pacelli becoming a priest in 1899. Pacelli's increase of knowledge (1899 - May 1917) is his study of code of canon law.
25:00 - May 1917 also = increase of knowledge when Mary visits Fatima.
25:30 - 1st waymark is 1916 when an angel comes down with the counterfeit 1st AM.
26:30 - 2nd waymark is 13th May 1917 when Mary comes down = increase of knowledge (as a waymark).
27:00 - 3rd waymark is 13th June 1917, the Feast of St. Anthony.
27:30 - 4th waymark is 13th July 1917 when the children receive the 3 secrets, i) vision of hell ii) dedicate Russia iii) judgment.
29:30 - External work of the enemies between 13th June and 13th July. 5th waymark is internal opposition on 13th August 1917 with their arrest.
30:30 - 6th waymark is 19th August they see Mary and are told to build a chapel.
30:30 - 7th waymark is 13th September when they receive the prediction of 13th October when Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the saints would appear.
31:00 - 8th waymark is 13th October when,before an outpouring of rain, the prediction is fulfilled in front of approx. 70,000 people and there was a sign in the sun.
33:00 - So the increase of knowledge for the Catholic Church (May 1917) is not only the code of canon law but also the entire cult of Fatima.
33:30 - In order to work in Germany, Pacelli was made bishop the exact day Mary comes down (2nd waymark), 13th May 1917.
35:00 - The subject of Fatima in "Hitler's Pope" is on page 273!
36:30 - Pacelli became Pope Pius XII in 1939 and unsuccessfully attempted to dedicate Russia to Mary in 1942.
39:30 - The purpose of code of canon law was to enforce the reformation of the church.
43:30 - 1833 formalisation of the message = 20th July 1933 Concordat when canon law was adopted in Germany. Pacelli negotiated this with Hitler.
46:00 - Oct 22, 1844 = 1945. Disappointment for Hitler.
48:00 - Pope Pius XII never endorsed Hitler publicly but always knew he would invade Russia, so intended to play mediator between the two and be seen as a great peacemaker.
52:00 - In 1945 the pope's great disappointment was that Hitler lost, and he was not called to be mediator
52:00 - After fascism collapsed Italians faced a choice of communism or western capitalism, so Pacelli offered a third option, a Catholic corporatist church-state. This is exactly what John Paul II attempted for the world after the collapse of USSR.
55:30 - 1850 = 1950, a Catholic jubilee, the Papacy loses its hold on the Soviet states with the fall of the Iron Curtain and her scattering begins.
57:30 - 1950 Dogma of Assumption (traced back to 1917) = 1850 chart (with doctrines traced back to 1818).
1:00   - 1950 Dogma of Assumption and Marionism = gathering time for the papacy.
1:02   - 1962 reorganisation = 1863. Pius XII dies (1958) and John XXIII holds the 2nd Vatican Council in 1962.
1:04   - 1959 John XXIII reads the 3rd secret of Fatima and locks it away and rejects it, refusing to dedicate Russia to Mary.
1:05   - John XXIII enters a secret deal with USSR in 1962, agreeing not to condemn communism in exchange for Russian observer presence at the 2nd Vatican Council. So 1962 also = 1863 because they rejected their message of Fatima.
1:09   - List of popes with a brief history, from Pius XII to Francis I for reference.
1:14   - May 13th 1981 (the 64th anniversary of the 1st apparition in Fatima) Pope John Paul II attempted assassination in an alleged Soviet plot. He understood it to be the result of rejecting the message of Fatima and the fulfillment of the third secret.
1:15   - 1888 for the SDA church = 1989 for the papacy. It was a failure for the papacy as Russia never fell, the former Soviet satellite states chose western democracy over the papal church-state model.
1:18   - 1863 for the Millerites = 1962 for the papacy as it began a scattering.
1:21   - As neither Pius XII nor John Paul II ended the scattering and gathered the broken Catholic church, we now need a 3rd pope to be raised up, which is Francis. He became pope on 13th March 2013, again noting the number 13. He is the last pope. A brief look at Francis of Assisi and his mission to rebuild the church, which is also Pope Francis' mission.
1:27   - 1798 + 220 = 2018 = MC, and August 15th is Mary's feast day.