Tess Lambert - France, School of the Prophets, July-August 2019 (Part 2).

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26. Civil War.

27. In God We Trust.

28. 1863: Under God.

29. Constitution - Protection of the Minority.

30. Liberty of Conscience.

31. Libery of Conscience.

32. Segregation.

33. In the Word it is Written... and Now?
Transcript: It is Written and Now?

34. A Dispensational Reading.
Transcript: A Dispensational Reading

35. Equality.
Transcript: Equality

36. Principles of Dress.
Transcript: Principles of Dress

37. Review.
Transcript: Review

38. Wearing Pants.
Transcript: Wearing Pants

39. The Sins of Babylon.
Transcript: The Sins of Babylon

40. The Sunday Law.
Transcript: The Sunday Law

41. Questions and Answers.
Transcript: Questions and Answers